Rainbow Cake ♡


Rainbow cake

5 layers, from bottom to top: strawberry, tiramissu, melon, orange and grape 😛

A few days ago I made this cake with less help from mum 😀 and it tastes great but the cake was a little bit of texture as I whisk the eggs together (it would be better to separate the egg white and yolk to the soft texture of the cake).

zoom the rainbow

Here’s the recipe 🙂

• 300 grams of butter
• 250 grams of wheat flour
• 250 grams of sugar
• 6 eggs
• 30 grams of milk powder
• Vanilla powder to taste
• Pastes of melon, strawberry, grape, orange and tiramissu flavor

1. Put sugar and butter in a container, whip (with mixer) until fluffy.
2. Add yolks one by one into the dough, keep whipping. Egg whites beaten separately until fluffy.
3. Add wheat flour, milk powder and vanilla powder (mixed before) into the dough. Then add fluffy egg whites.
4. Whip until all homogenized. Divide the dough into several containers. Add pastes into each container, mix well.
5. Put 5 doughs in 5 baking pan, bake for about 45 minutes with temperature of 150°C.
6. After cake cooked, stack to 5 layers and cover with icing sugar. Voila! Rainbow cake is ready to serve.

first slice, yummy!

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